30 January 2018
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This Is What an Organised Linen Closet Should Look Like

Image Source: Target

The linen closet: if you are lucky enough to have one, you’ve likely asked yourself the question, “So what goes in here, anyway?”

In most homes, it’s the junk drawer of closets, but if stocked correctly, your hall closet can be a sanctuary and a one-stop shop all in one. At least, that’s what the founders of The Home Edit are determined to show us with their latest project. Professional organisers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are teaming up with Target to reveal simple, stylish ways to make over the typical linen closet using affordable finds from the retailer.

So, what should every linen closet have? And what needs to get tossed for good? Read on for their expert recommendations.
What should every linen closet have?

What should every linen closet have?

Image Source: Target

Although most of your storage potential depends on the size of your space, a bare-bones closet should have the following, according to Clea and Joanna:

  1. Extra sets of sheets
  2. Extra towels
  3. Toiletry items, especially toilet paper rolls
  4. Bins and labels to easily sort and identify each category

Everything else — from extra pillows, blankets, and spare toothbrushes to hair straighteners and phone chargers for guests — are optional.

And as for those must-have bins?

It’s all about picking items that are practical and fit the dimensions of your space. “If your shelves have extra height, you want to choose something stackable,” they said. “If your shelves or drawers are extra deep, pick a bin with depth. Once you determine what makes the most sense, then make a selection that matches your aesthetic. Some people prefer natural materials to clear plastic, or opaque to transparent.” Bottom line? “The style of the bin should always come second to the function.”

What should every linen closet not have?

What should every linen closet <i>not</i> have?
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There’s such a thing as too many bath towels, the two pros told POPSUGAR. “People often avoid editing items out before organizing the contents,” they revealed. “Purging duplicates, damaged items, or items you no longer use will ensure you have room for your necessities without overstocking.”

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