16 Colourful Cures For Boring Walls

28 September 2017
By portermathewsblog

September is the month for shaking off the Winter blues and your walls deserve a bit of love, too. If you’re sick of blank space and monochrome rooms, it’s time you find a cheery print or painting that will lift your whole space.

Selecting art for your home is one of the building blocks of home decor, even if you’re in a rental (remember, 3M strips mean you don’t have to worry about putting holes in the wall). If your space is feeling a bit bland — a repercussion from taking your mum’s “beige goes with everything” advice — then look for something bright and colourful. It doesn’t have to tie into a colour you already have in the room, it’s actually best to look for something opposing with impact that you can build on with other decor.

Below is our pick of the best new batch of framed wonders to cure your boring walls.

Dean Martindale The Floating Pineapple Art Print ($23 — $500)

Urban Road Immerse ($34 — $149)
Urban Road Immerse ($34 — $149)

Rachel Castle Ace of Hearts Screen Print ($170)
Rachel Castle Ace of Hearts Screen Print

Sarah Johanna Eick White Chair ($529).
 Urban Dreams Photography Palm Springs Dino Art Print ($23 — $500)
Erik Chmil Lago di Como ($1,149).
Rachel Castle Big Garden 5 Screen Print ($540)
Amy Lincoln Jungle Waterfall Art Print ($23 — $500)
Sven Fennema Lightless ($1,259).
A Dozen Dynamic Donuts by April Walters ($24 — $1,200)
Sarina Diakos Awakenings #4 ($400)
Urban Road Hidden Fields Blue ($34 — $149).
Grand Canyon National Park by Vintage Editions ($24 — $800)
Shellie Cleaver Still Life 3 ($550)
Urban Road Surf ($34 — $149).
Urban Road Surf ($34 — $149).
Sarah Johanna Eick Gas Station ($769).
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