5 Decor Tips for Sharing Your Home With the Hairiest of Housemates

31 August 2017
By portermathewsblog

Many a pet parent out there can point to their furry friend and say, “This is why we can’t have nice things.” Living with animals in a Pinterest-worthy home is a hard thing to pull off, but not impossible.

We chatted to two interiors experts who share their tips for creating pet-friendly and polished interiors.

  1. Be positive: “Focus on the cuddles and devotion, not the hair/droppings/puddles/inevitable round-the-clock wake-up calls. Cuddles, kisses and those eyes you get when you’ve been out all day are worth any amount of vacuuming!” says stylist and writer, Heather Nette King. And she should know, her housemates are Dougal the golden retriever, and Sugar, her cat.
  2. Make it easy for yourself: “Invest in a vacuum with a pet hair attachment — particularly if you have a deep-pile rug or carpet. Having said that, I’ve already blown one up, but I bought quality the next time and now all those little blonde ‘puppies’ as I like to call Dougal’s coat sheddings, are easily vanquished!” says Heather.
  3. Put in the effort: “Teach them early if there is a no-go zone in your home. Doogs stands at our bedroom door and knows he can not place even a paw through the doorway. No matter how sad his eyes are! It’s my husband’s rule — he’s a bit allergic, and I get it, so create boundaries that please everyone, and your fur-babies will co-exist happily with you, hopefully for the longest, happiest time,” says Heather.
  4. Opt for leather: “You can’t be too precious about your home. It’s a living, breathing space that’s meant to be comfortable. As soon as you walk through that door at night and drop your bags — you want to relax, not be worrying about your pet climbing on furniture. I always recommend leather for pet-loving homes. It’s pretty simple to keep clean, it’s hard-wearing and I like to think any scratches or marks add to the patina of the leather — telling a story of your family,” says Jodi Hall, National Field Visual Manager at West Elm.
  5. Don’t hide it: “Sharing your home with a pet is a simple joy! Don’t try and hide their presence — choose a pet bed that you’re happy to show off. I always suggest a great floor cushion that goes with your decor, then you don’t have to hide it — who has time for that! And let’s be real, cats and dogs like clocking up sleep (living the dream!) so make it something you love,” says Jodi.
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