Top spring cleaning tips from a professional cleaner

04 September 2020
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We ask a cleaning expert to share her secrets for a thoughtful and thorough clean – by Rosanne Peach

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The time is nigh to dust off the winter layers in your home and prepare to throw open the doors for entertaining and enjoying the warmer months. We ask Angie Kelso from Platinum Housekeeping in Sydney how it’s done.Sue Stubbs

1. Spray the cloth, not the surface, so you don’t have to spend time wiping off any excess.

2. Work the room and you won’t miss anything. Start at the door and move clockwise around the room, cleaning everything on and against the wall, then clean furniture in the middle of the room.

4. Put a little essential oil on the light globe in a lamp. When it warms up, the scent will spread through the room.

5. Use a lint remover to remove dust on your lampshades and curtains.

6. Vacuum everything – the inside of the fridge, the oven, the toaster and the cutlery drawer.

7. A hair dryer can remove dust from a computer keyboard, the bottom of a handbag and the corner of a cupboard.

When you finish cleaning a room, close the door. Then, when you’ve finished cleaning every room, go back and inspect each one, leaving the door open when you’re happy with the result.

Spring cleaning tips from a professional | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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