13 things organised people always have in their homes

09 March 2017
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If searching for your keys is a part of your morning ritual, it’s time to break the cycle.

Being organised is more than just a personality trait, it’s a lifestyle decision that’s easier to achieve if you stock your home with the right tools.

These 13 clutter-busting essentials will make your days feel longer and less stressful. Cheers to that!

Key catchall

If you don’t want to hang a key hook, do yourself a favour and get a key catchall. Having a designated spot to place your keys when you walk through the door will save you from the “running late” syndrome. Don’t be that person.

Get it: Making your own leather catchall is easier than you’d think. Follow this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess to DIY your own.

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Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Shelf Dividers

You know how it goes… You take the time to meticulously fold sheets and towels, and by the end of week, it looks like a bomb exploded in your linen closet. Here’s where clear shelf dividers come in. They’ll keep your stacks of linens in order without creating an eyesore.

Get it: Stock up on these acrylic shelf dividers to tame your most unruly closet.

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Photo: Bahar Yurukoglu for Domino

Glass Jars

Put your pantry on display by keeping dried goods and other treats in lidded glass jars.

Get it: You can get kitchen jars in all shapes and sizes at Ikea.

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Photo: A Beautiful Mess


If you’ve seen these used to hang pots and pans, you’ll be happy to know that the idea translates for any room in the house. We love how Sugar + Cloth blogger Ashley Rose used one for above-the-bed storage and decor.

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Photo: Sugar & Cloth

Drawer Organisers

If shuffling through a drawer to find a tube of lipstick gives you anxiety, you’ll be amazed by the efficiency that a simple drawer organiser can offer.

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Photo: Paul Costello for Domino

A Magnetic Knife Strip

Forget the space-saving allure of forgoing a knife block – we’re crazy about the fact that you can see the shapes and sizes of your most utilised knives while keeping them in reach.

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Photo: Lesley Unruh via One Kings Lane

Well-Stocked Trays

It’s amazing how quickly a tray can corral clutter. Bonus points for turning the top of your toilet into an extension of your medicine cabinet (with the addition of a slim bud vase and framed picture, of course).

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Photo: Lucas Allen for Domino

Labelled Boxes

Labelled boxes are a great way to organise the things you want out of sight.

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Photo: Cahan Eric For Domino

Tension Rod Dividers

Sure, you can use them to hang a curtain, but they work wonders in making the most out of shelves. Follow Martha Stewart’s lead, and use them to organise kitchen items like pot and pan lids, trays and cutting boards.

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Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2015

Wall-Mounted Drawers

Whether you need more storage space for clothes or craft supplies, these wall-mounted mesh drawers allow you to customise your storage and easily see what you’re storing.

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Photo: Lesley A. Unruh for Domino

Make-up Brush Cups

Instead of cramming make-up brushes into a messy drawer or make-up bag, keep them within easy reach in a stylish cup.

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Photo: Michael Wiltbank for Domino

Spices at the Ready

Whether it’s a drawer filled with neat rows of spices or a creative DIY that frees cabinet space, every organised cook seems to have their spice collection under control.

Get it: A Beautiful Mess has an easy-to-follow tutorial for making these nifty magnetic spice jars.

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Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Clever Toilet Paper Storage

Running out when you need it is the worst, but stacking it in plain sight can cramp your bathroom’s style. Kill two birds with one stone by turning a basket into a toilet paper organiser and dispenser.

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